“If this were a society where original thought were appreciated you would surely have a fine career ahead of you! As it is I can only express the wish that such talents will at least not prove a handicap.” John Mackrell, Professor of History, University of London, in my leaving reference.

So, a little bit about my work. I’ve found something I really like doing and people pay me to do it. I’m lucky. There’s a few juicy testimonials below and if you’re really interested in “work-me”, you can always pop over to LinkedIn.

“I have known Christian for years and worked closely with him for several of those. Whenever I try to describe those innate characteristics of a great strategic, creative mind, I describe Christian. He is a creatives’ creative – one who brings the strength of strategy to the creative table and then builds on strategy with creative insight. And not just as a consultant, but one who digs in and gets his hands dirty in the pursuit of the creative jewel that awaits those willing to give the kind of love he gives to the many brands he’s worked with.” Stanley Hainsworth, Founder of Tether and ex-creative director of Nike, LEGO and Starbucks

“Working with Christian always reminds me why I wanted to be in this industry in the first place. He’s interesting and interested; to any problem he brings the optimism that it can be solved, the intellect and creativity necessary to find that solution, and the work ethic to get it done. He’s not only an effective strategic and creative problem solver – he’s also an excellent leader and teacher. Many generations of WPP Fellows have benefitted from his mentorship, and it’s a measure of his commitment that some continue to do so, even after he’s left the company.” Jon Steel, Ex-Planning Director, WPP

“Christian can be counted on to always push you beyond the predictable. That’s why I value working with him so much. He’s great with clients and creatives – bringing passion and insight to any room – and he’s a bit eccentric, which is part of the charm. He’s incredibly hard-working and committed to usable end results to fire up a brand, not just a deck to admire. I’ve worked with Christian on Burger King, NBA, Pella and Thomas & Friends – and look forward to more.” Julia Beardwood, Owner, Beardwood & Co.