Tiffany and I bought a house in October 2021. It’s in the area of Nashville called Crieve Hall, about 10 minutes drive from downtown. It’s a ranch style house, with a basement. We’re making it a home, though with supply chain problems deliveries are taking a little longer than usual. We’ll get there. The guest room is ready mind. So come stay.

Moving in day. We had floor and walls done already done.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I finally finally finally finally got home to the UK for a month, mid-December to mid-January. I had a wonderful time, reacquainting myself with boys, family, friends, my country and myself. So good. I also finally got the visa. I was in and out of the US embassy in London in less than an hour, and less than five minutes in front of embassy officials handing over documents and answering a question. Just one. I understand why they want people to attend in person, but that 18 months of waiting was a long time.

I also managed to avoid the Omicron variant, goodness knows how, as I was in central London a fair amount, staying in various places and seeing a good number of people. I was extra careful and had to change plans a bit but at least the whole thing wasn’t kiboshed by having to isolate.

It was great staying with cousin Julia in Brixton. So nice to be back in London. Big thank you Julia.

And an equally big thank you to Anna and Rupert for picking me up at Heathrow, letting me stay, organising a couple of delicious meals, including with cousins Jane and Matt, and Christmas Day. Oh, and the delicious roulade for New Year’s Eve.

The house rental in Aldeburgh worked out pretty much perfectly. Boys and girlfriends, lots of presents. A delicious New Year’s Eve and lovely walk on New Year’s Day. Thank you to Tiffany for managing to make it over too for the week, also dodging the virus and navigating the testing requirements. So pleased she could do that. She was particularly taken with the Suffolk pig farms that provided a little hut home for each pig.

A bunch of university pals gathered in Surrey the day before I flew out and we have a lovely lunch at The Stag on the River in Godalming.

And big thanks to Jill for the coffees, catch ups and conversations.

So a massive “hello” and “thanks” and “see you sooner next time” to a whole of people, including George & Jo, Ollie & Mitzi, Charlie, Jill, Anna & Rupert, Tom & Jen, Lizzie, Emily, Matt & Briony, Jane & John, Julia, James and Flo (Sword & Stoners), Roger & Vicky, Giles & Sarah, Andy & Shelley, Ade, Gillian & Richard, Andy & Fiona, Paddy & Jane, Mike & Clare, Mark, Charlie Snow, Anne Freeland, Dave Westland, John McE, Margaret Peel and William.

And sorry to those I didn’t get to see in person. There’ll be a next time.

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